Monday, October 31, 2011

Brussel Sprouts ala Bouchon

While traveling this past month my husband and I had the pleasure of eating at Buchon in Las Vegas. May I just say that it was simply fabulous?
From our appetizers to our deserts everything was prepared to perfection, and plated in a magical way that teased your taste buds before the food touched your lips! It was a magnificent meal served by a wait staff that was knowledgeable and very friendly. I would have eaten there every night if I had the opportunity! If you are ever in Las Vegas do yourself a huge favor and make a reservation. You'll be glad that you did!

Octopus and Fingerling Potatoes
Something that I love to do is try to recreate a dish that I've had while eating out. Sometimes I am very successful and other times it takes many misses to make it a hit.
I love brussel sprouts, and we had them at Buchon. They were made with a thick sliced bacon. They were amazing! I've been trying to make these at home.

The first time I made them, they came out just alright. Nothing special...the second time I made them I decided to incorporate my own likes into what I think I remembered eating.
I cut up two slices of thick bacon. The bacon was cooked to a nice crisp.  I added 4 sliced baby leeks to the bacon and bacon fat.
In a small pot, I steamed the brussel sprouts just until tender.  I cut them in half and added them to the bacon and leeks. I seasoned them with salt and pepper and added a tablespoon of butter.  I turned up the heat so the brussel sprouts would get a nice sear to them.
Unfortunately, we started eating them and I didn't take a picture of the finished brussel sprouts! My husband said they are still not Buchon's,  but I'm getting closer!  If left overs are any indication of how much they were enjoyed I have to tell you that there are none! They are gone!

Buon Appetito

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  1. Just got back from Vegas ourselves--go for work every year--and Bouchon is a favorite spot for several meals while we're there. Just trying to recreate the Brussels sprouts and cauliflower gratin this evening (started too late to brine the chicken for roasting). Glad to stumble upon your site!