Friday, June 3, 2011

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Food Crawl at The Chipotle Mexican Grill!
I am back from my visit to Miami University! What a fantastic campus. My daughter is going to have a fabulous four years attending this fine University! Kudos for her!
I have to start off by telling you that I am not a fast food fan. I will pass at all times. When on the road, and there is no other choice, I will choose to wait until there is another option. I don't do fast food. I'm picky enough in restaurants with white linen, can you imagine? lol
So I am absolutely sure that you are all surprised that I am writing about a fast food restaurant. But I just had to tell you all about our food crawl at the Chipotle Mexican Grill on Main and High Street in Oxford, Ohio.
Neither one of us had ever eaten in a Chipotle before. As soon as we walked in, we loved the vibe of the place. It looked clean, the people who were working there were actually smiling, and it just seemed fresh!
We were just staring at the board, not knowing what to do. My daughter told the server that it was our first time in one of their restaurants and we didn't know how to order.  Of coarse I had to chime in telling them that "We're Chipotle virgins" at which Zoe groaned.
The staff was so helpful. The food looked great, smelled great, and best of all tasted GREAT! I couldn't believe the quality of the food that was served to me from a so called "fast food" restaurant.  Zoe had a burrito stuffed with chicken, rice, guacamole and pinto beans! I had the Carnitas over a salad with the works! Very yum!
 In the next four years, my daughter will have plenty of opportunity to walk into this restaurant and dine there. I know that I can tell you that I will also choose Chipotle Mexican Grill.  This is not just fast food, it's fresh food.
I was so impressed that I had to write to the people at Chipotle. The very next day I received a response.
Here's what I had to say, followed by their response.

"I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful experience my daughter and I had while visiting this establishment. My daughter and I are from NY. We had just gotten into Oxford and wanted something to eat. We drove around and saw the Chipotle Restaurant. I asked my daughter if she had ever eaten in one, and she told me she didn't. We decided to go in and see what it was all about. The people behind the counter were so nice and helpful. I told them that we were Chipotle virgins and didn't know how to order. They helped us, were extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what they were serving and made us feel very at home. When it came time to pay for our food we were informed with a smile that our meal was on them! OMG! That has never happened to us ever before. I was so impressed! We were even more impressed after taking our first bites of our food. It was so yummy! After being treated with that kindness I wanted to write you and thank you, and let you know that the people at this restaurant are wonderful ambassadors for your company! My daughter is attending Miami University in the fall. She's not the only one who will be going back to this restaurant in Oxford. I'll make it a point that I return as well. And if given a choice over another "fast" food restaurant I will be picking Chipotle over all others. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!"


Thanks for taking the time to write us and for telling us about your fantastic first visit to our restaurant. I am very pleased to hear that you had a memorable experience at our Miami-Oxford restaurant and that they made everything so pleasant and easy for you. We always welcome satisfied customer feedback, especially when some of our fellow co-workers go above and beyond to the point of customer recognition. I will be sure to inform our team of your comment and make sure they acknowledge the appropriate people for the exemplary service they are providing. We hope that you will continue to choose Chipotle as a healthy choice for fast, fresh food.

We would love to see you again soon and thanks for sharing your unique and impressionable experience with me!"


Austin Roberts | Customer Service
Chipotle Mexican Grill

So if you're out and about and need something fast and fresh, visit your local Chipotle Mexican Grill. You'll be glad you did!
Buon Appetito!

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