Tuesday, June 7, 2011

660 Curries

The curry revolution begins!

The Cooking Challenge is on . PLease join us on Saturday June 11th,  2 pm eastern time.  We will all cook together and post pictures of our recipes.

Acclaimed chef and Cookbook author, Raghavan Iyer will moderate the challenge. We will be cooking out of his book 660 Curries. He has a sumptuous menu laid out for us.

You can either cook the entire menu or do 3 dishes alone. Recipes of the the three dishes will be posted on The Food Crawl.  For those of you who have the cook book we will provide you with the page numbers of the receipes .

Cook books are available through Amazon.com.

So let us start the curry revolution and start cooking. We are looking forward to seeing you all on the weekend.

Those of you who cannot cook on Saturday please feel free to cook on Sunday and post pics.

All questions can be posted on The Food Crawl and they  will be answered for you.

Thanks so much for the visit. I hope you check in with us on Saturday on our facebook page, The Food Crawl,  and take part of our virtual cooking challenge, 660 Curries. 


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