Sunday, May 29, 2011

Farfalle Pomodoro

If you haven't already planted a garden this year  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Just do it! You don't have to plant that much, just the essentials. If you don't have a huge space just plant one or two tomato plants.  My two other essentials in the garden are basil and parsley. You will be so happy that you did.
 My father-in-law calls this "Summer Pasta", because it's really at it's best when the tomatoes come right off the vine. There is nothing like it!  I made this using Campari tomatoes, I usually find them at Sam's Club or Costco. In my humble opinion, these are the only tomatoes that have any taste during the off season.
This dish can be served hot or cold.  We prefer it served right out of the pot, tossing the hot pasta with the chopped tomatoes, and letting the pasta "cook" the sauce. It's wonderful, and simple.
You'll need
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1/2 cup
fresh garlic, 5 - 6 cloves, chopped
fresh chopped pasrley, 1/2 cup
fresh basil, a few leaves
grated parmesan cheese, 1/2 cup
salt and pepper to taste
10 - 15 Campari or Plum Tomatoes
Farfalle Pasta - 1 pound

Start off by putting your water on the stove.  As the water starts to boil, add salt to the water. Start with a heaping tablespoon and adjust to your taste.  Your water should have enough salt to give it flavor. Taste the water, being careful not to burn yourself! If the water doesn't taste like anything, your pasta won't taste like anything! 

While the water is coming to a boil, wash and clean the tomatoes and with a sharp knife cut them up. Cut them in 8th's or if you're really ambitious,  into 16 pieces!
In a bowl, add the chopped tomatoes, smashed and chopped garlic, fresh chopped parsley,  torn basil leaves, olive oil, cheese, salt and pepper. If you'd like a little kick, add a pinch of red pepper seeds. You  can also make this ahead of time and refrigerate it for a few hours, this will give the "sauce" some time for the flavors to marry.  There is no vinegar or acid in this so it won't break down the tomatoes. So if you are pressed for time, or feel like the chopping might take longer than the cooking pasta, go ahead and prepare this earlier on.
When the pasta is cooked al dente, drain the pasta, reserving a little bit of the starchy water. I put a bowl under the colander, this will reserve some water just in case you need it.
Toss the tomato mixture with the hot pasta and serve it immediately. If you think that it's too dry, add a little bit of the reserved water.  I always have some extra grated cheese, and  red pepper flakes on the table. All you'll need with this is a nice loaf of Italian bread and a bottle of wine.
I hope you enjoy this one. Try it, I promise that if you like fresh tomatoes and the taste of summer you will love this one!

Buon Appetito

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