Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pico de Gallo

We had a wonderful time in Cabo san Lucas! What a fabulous vacation!
I will be sharing some wonderful food with you that was discovered on our trip.
I'd like to start with a very simple salsa, called Pico de Gallo.
I love this salsa. I had it with almost everything. The more heat the more I loved it!
I'd ask for it "caliente" and would get a Spanish lesson from our waiter. When referring to the heat in a dish you should ask for picante, not caliente. Perfect!

Today's Pico de Gallo was served with a blackened salmon fillet on top of baby spinach leaves and marinated artichoke hearts. I've also made this with Shrimp, almost like a ceviche served with salad greens. If I had a ripe avacado I would have sliced it and served it with this dish. My avacados are taking forever! And yes, I have them in a brown bag....grrrrrr.

With a few simple ingredients you can master this dish.
This is my interpretation of Pico de Gallo.

Ingredients needed

One red pepper
One green pepper
One red onion
One tomato, seeded
2 -3 Jalapeno peppers
2-3 green onions, (scallions)
Fresh cilantro
fresh squeezed lime juice
ground corriander
salt and pepper to taste
* One or two cucumbers, seeded- Opitional

Dice your vegetables very small and add them all to a serving bowl. Squeeze fresh lime juice over the finely diced vegetables and season with salt, pepper and a dash of ground corriander.

We like the flavor of cilantro so I added a handful of it after it was cleaned and chopped.

This can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator. It never lasts more than a day in mine so I can't say how long it will last in yours. I don't like to add the tomato until I am serving it. I think they get too "cooked".

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  1. I love Pico De Gallo. We were in Mexico last year and it was always available. I literally used it for every meal. Pico de Gallo Omelet for breakfast, for lunch it was great on a burger, and it goes great on any meat or fish. Thanks for the recipe, and it's really good for you, with practically no carbs.