Friday, January 13, 2012

Wokking It!

Last night we had a great meal! It was very tasty and delicious and very easy to make. I love Asian style food, and was in the mood for something a little different, so out came the wok. I made everything in it!
This dish is medallions of pork with peppers and onions, broccoli rabe and fried rice. Sometimes I even surprise myself when something comes out this good! LOL!
It really was so simple. Technically, I don't know if anything I did was correct, all I can say is the end result was delicious and everyone went back for seconds!

For the pork you will need...
pork medallions
1 yellow pepper, cut into pieces (see picture above)
1 red pepper, cut into pieces
1 large onion, cut into pieces
corn starch - 2 Tablespoons
Soy Sauce, 2 Tablespoons
2 Tablespoons of water (or Sherry! very yummm)
salt and pepper to taste
Chinese 5 Spices - to taste, at least a teaspoon!
Sesame oil  - 1 tsp
chopped cilantro, 2 Tablespoons

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and make sure that each piece of meat gets a nice even coat of corn starch mixture.
Heat the wok and then add oil. Peanut oil is great to use because it can withstand very high heats without scorching. If you don't have peanut oil, vegetable oil will work just fine.
Add each piece of pork to the heated oil and cook until it get nice color on each side. I would say about 3 minutes on each side. The meat will release itself when it is ready to turn!
Don't over crowd the wok!
After cooking all the pork, add the onions and peppers and a little more oil. If your wok is not big enough to accomodate everything remove the pork and cook the onions and peppers without the pork in the wok. Cook the onions and peppers for about 5 minutes, add the water, deglazing the wok of any yummy stuff left over from cooking the meat, onions and peppers.  If you took out the pork, add the pork back to the wok with the onions and peppers and add the soy sauce, sesame oil, and cook for another minute or two. Top with the chopped cilantro and serve!

Buon Appetito

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