Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's not me for MasterChef 3!

This weekend it was my pleasure to go into New York City and audition for MasterChef Season 3.
I had fun standing in line, meeting new people who are passionate about cooking and want to have fun while doing it. That's what this is supposed to be, fun!

One of them F.M. is going to go all the way, I can just tell!
I met Joe Bastianich and had a short on camera interview with him. I told him that he made a mistake last year by not picking me to be on the show. We had a little debate, but it was all in fun.
This year, I had many reservations about the audition process for the show. Last year I knew my food was great, the producers liked me, they called me adorable and yet I was not picked to be one of the "100 best cooks in the country"! Those are their words, not mine!  Yet, the lady with string beans got on and my osso bucco and homemade ravioli took a back seat to her? Come on, REALLY!
I was crushed when I wasn't picked. I never expected not being picked! How naive was I?
Osso Bucco with homemade meat ravioli

Veal Spidini with a salad of argula, fennel, tomato and red onion

You can start to understand why I was on the fence about auditioning again.
While in Florida, I got a phone call from one of the producers of MasterChef asking me to come to the audition. I told him all of my reservations. I told him I didn't have a "story" I have an excellent life with a really great family who love and support me. If it were just about the food I knew I would have a shot at this game, but there are so many other aspects that come into play here. The producer assured me that it was primarily about the food...yes, but after all it is a tv show and they do need ratings, but the food is really important.
I discussed all of my reservations about the interview process. I told the producer I felt like I was just spinning wheels. I was told to be myself and put my best dish forward. That's what I did. That's who I am, and I'm not what they wanted.

I should have known that it would be the same thing all over again. I was actually almost past up after the tasting. The woman who came around the table was like a pit bull. She came after us and told us, don't talk to me about your food. I don't care about your food. I want to know about you! Bark! Bark! How are you supposed to answer someone when they ask you, "so tell me about yourself. "  What do you want me to say?  I'm kind of sassy,but all my friends love me anyway!  Then another BARK! "Tell me quick, cause I don't have all day!!!!"  grrrrrr  "So What's your story?"  I wanted to rip my hair out. I don't have a story!!!!! Well, I do have a story, we all have a story, but I don't have a story that you want.  Pit Bull PASSES!!!
When my name wasn't called and I wasn't asked to move on I saw one of the tasters step up and put my application in with the ones who would move on. He knew my dish was one of the best of the day!  OK, now I get to go in with the producers, but the crazy person asking us those stupid questions told me I had better be bad and give them some attitude. So I did, and I think that's what got me in trouble. Lol!  I told them that they made a big mistake last year! They didn't care. I didn't have a story. But I do have a story, it's just not the story they are looking for!
So that's it. I'm done! and I'm not really upset this time. I knew what to expect. I'm really in a good place. The only way I would audition again for MasterChef is if they invited me to LA to cook for the 3 judges and let them judge me based on the food I prepared. I want someone to tell me, I'm sorry your food is not good enough and send me home. Don't send me home because I wasn't crazy enough in your interview process.
So there, you have it all, and I have got this off my chest! Whew! Done! Gone! Yippee!
I just had to get it out of my system.
 I know that my dish was the best in the room. One woman asked me for my left overs after she tasted the osso bucco and ravioli. She said she wanted to bring them to her husband because she knew that he had never tasted anything so delicious in his life. Now that was real! It kind of says something too, doesn't it?
All I wanted was a chance to be one of the 100 to go to the real judges, the people who will judge you based on your food. My passion and my talent would have taken me all the way!
For those of you who know me, you know that I am real. I tell it like it is, and usually don't back down.  This is what I sent to the MasterChef production team.
Do you think they'll call me after that? lol
You know what? I really don't care!
Thanks for letting me vent!
My next post will be about the food. Arancini's are coming up!



  1. Lorraine, I'm so sorry that you weren't pick for
    Master Chef Season 3.. You have the most appealing and delicious dishes! All they want is losers and not someone that could cook and have an extraordinary personality. Don't let them get you down!!!! If only you could contact Oprah and cook for her on her show, you will definitely become a star and have your own show someday on TV!! I definitely would vote for
    Sule's Cucina

  2. This is a really insightful post. I had just told my wife who writes miseenplace.us that maybe she should audition but this makes me wonder... She, like you, cooks and writes because of her love of cooking, food and friends, nothing else :)


  3. Thank you Rita and Unknown!
    There was a woman in a clown suit at the audition. She got noticed, and got a call back. I didin't know we were auditioning for Let's Make A Deal!
    I do this because I have a genuine passion for cooking for the people I care about. And if I can share that passion and pass along some of the love, not to mention the recipes, I am so happy to do it.

  4. Lorraine,

    My name is Jon. I was the young guy on the other end of the producer-audition line. I'm so glad I found your blog! I was thinking about asking you for the address, but the adrenaline and excitement of the day had my mind racing and I didn't think about it after I was let go.

    First, your food looks amazing, and I'm sorry I didn't try any of it. I'm sure that if you got to cook for the judges, I would be watching you compete in season 3.

    I understand your frustration, and desire to be on the show, and I'm glad your not too upset about not getting picked. It's a hard game to play, auditioning for a tv show. We can plan and prep and cook our hearts out, but if we aren't what the producers are looking for, then it's all for naught. But like you said: we cook because we love it, and they can't take that away.

    Good luck, and keep cooking!

  5. Jonathan!!! thanks for checking out my blog. You are absolutley correct, if we are not what they are looking for on that day...well, it's goodbye. It's also how they interview each person. To ask someone "what's your story" and then ask the next person, a question that details or outlines their story is completely different. It's sort of like a survey, you can always ask the questions in a survey to get the answers you want.
    I personally have a great story...and it's their loss, they will never get to hear it.
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. My only regret that day is not asking Randy why?

  6. She was a pit bull right!!! Did she really bark at you? Nut jobs. Don't let them get to you, when you win chopped, they'll regret it.