Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Short Ribs

Is there such a beast? Sounds like a contradiction to me. Usually made in the winter months, braised slowly for hours to make a hearty, belly warming meal, short ribs are always a the winter, but in the summer? I'm not so sure.
So while gazing at a box of beautiful ripe white peaches I thought that I could somehow mix the two and come up with a dish  that would taste really good.
So I gathered up some other ingredients, sort of like a mystery box challenge, fit for an entree round on Chopped and came up with Summer Short Ribs.
Beef Short Ribs! Cooked with porcini mushrooms, white peaches, and onions and braised in a white wine and burbon sauce. For a garnish I cut a peach in half, dipped it in brown sugar and let the peach brown in some butter.
There are some nice flavors happening here!
My husband and I are off for a fabulous 2 week trip to Italy, France and Spain.
I look forward to sharing pictures with you when I get back.

Buon Appetito!

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