Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sushi Mike's

It's Friday night during lent and what could possible be better than eating fresh fish. When I suggested  Sushi to my husband, even though it's not my favorite, my husband readily agreed. He loves Sushi, Sashimi and all that goes with it. We thought we'd do a little food crawling in White Plains. There is a sushi restaurant that we have been wanting to try.
 When we asked the kids if they wanted to eat with us, and they found out it was Sushi they quickly decided that they would love to dine with us on a Friday evening!  They love Sushi! Me, I usually just eat the rolls. I try to sneak in a  California Rolls,  or maybe some spicy tuna rolls. It's just not my favorite.
We tried getting into the restaurant in White Plains and it was packed. No walk ins we were told, you must have a reservation. So I called! When I asked if there was any availability for a table for 4 Iwas told that a table would become available after 9 pm.  We all got back into the car and started off in another direction. I knew if I suggested our favorite local Italian restaurnat the kids would have baled on us. They were in it for the Sushi...come on, it's a Friday night!
When my husband suggested  Sushi Mike's of Dobbs Ferry I called before he could finish his sentence! I love Sushi Mike's!
I met Sushi Mike last year while attending The Westchester Food and Wine Event 2011. Not being a true sushi fan I first passed by him just looking at his food, truely impressed by his presentation at the event. He offered me a dish and once I tasted one of his special rolls I knew that I could fall in love with Sushi and raw food.  It was divine and I knew that my family would fall in love with his mastery of food from the sea.
Sushi Mike, himself!

When you walk into the restaurant you are greeted by Mike. He has an infectious laugh and is quick with a joke. The restaurant is very small.  We wanted to wait for a larger table to become available. I could tell that my group was getting a little antsy and frustrated at the wait. Once we sat down and started to eat they forgot about everything but what was in front of them. Again tonight we had a meal that we talked about on the drive home.
 Live Scallops sliced so thin, and so fresh you could still taste the sea! Soft shell crabs sauteed in garlic and butter sauce, so delicious that you wished you had more. The Red Snapper pan fried with jalapeno peppers and onions was like nothing we've ever had. That was just our appetizers.
We order a boat! The best part is we leave it all up to Mike. He takes care of us! The better he knows us the better he can serve us. We are always impressed by what he puts in front of us. It's the very best quality, very fresh and always a work of art.  It's nothing like we've ever had anywhere else!

My dish of rolls. There's not one California roll on the boat!

It's always good, down to the last morsal of roe!
This place is a gem!
If you decide to go, make sure you make a reservation, and get there early!

Sushi Mikes

146 Main Street.
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
(914) 591-0054

Buon Appetito


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